So it's 2013 and I haven't even bothered posting anything... I haven't really drawn much of anything worth posting anywhere, so my DA gallery is still lacking newness (i know, not a word) I'm kinda still readjusting to life and stuff I guess... or something.

Okay, i'll just put it the way it is... last year sucked! No, no... last year didn't just suck... it sucked ROYAL HIPPOGRYPH! And well.. this is a new year... and up to now... it still kinda sucks every now and then. I'm trying to plan stuff... but planning things for me just end up being "planning things to have the whole thing explode in your face and you planned for no reason".
I'm trying to do just one thing at a time.. but my brain keeps screaming in hysteria that I have so many other things to do... I still think the universe has something against me...
I'm absolutely incapable of adjusting to this society thing people are so freaking fund of... and by that I mean, since I was a kid, I've never been able to make any sense of this world I live in... There must've been a mistake somewhere somehow and I was sent in the wrong world with a sort of preconception of what the world I was meant to be born in was like, and now... I just can't... make sense of THIS world... and trying to do so is just resulting in me going nutter every second.
So yeah... now i'm stuck here, in this completely messed up world that I understand nothing about... apparently obligated to live my life like the rest of them....


P.S.: no doodles yet... suck it up!


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