2015 is here!

Happy New Year everyone!

It's 2015 and as usual, I have a ton of projects. Most of them are the same as last year, but there's still probably too many of them. Anyway the 1st one was  to finish setting up this site here, and that's done, so yay me.

So.. new year resolutions? Right, like that's gonna last more than 2 weeks. Well, anyway, my comic is definitely a priority. I started it before having enough drawings completed, but I'm hoping I can catch up on that. I think the hard part was the frustration of having to start over so many times. The script, the drawing everything. I'm too perfectionist and it's keeping me from getting any work done. So I guess my top resolution this year is to chill out on perfection. I have to accept my ideas change and evolve, and that no matter how long I wait for ideas to settle in my head, they never will.

Anyway I'm planning on doing as many drawings as possible this month so I can start having a regular update process by February.

For all my other projects and whatnot, I'll let you know through here when there's new things.

In the mean time, I wish you all a happy New Year!


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