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Spring sketches


Things NOT to say to an art major/artists in general.

originally by  disp0sableheroes : You’re so lucky you don’t have to buy textbooks! You’re a really good  drawer. Can you draw me? Did you draw that? (No, I’m just running my pencil over someone else’s drawing for fun) That’s so good, it looks traced! Did you trace that? Design my tattoo!  (This is what tattoo artists are there for) Draw this thing for me! *pretty much expecting/demanding any art for free* I can’t even draw a straight line. (Neither can I. There are these things called “rulers”) Can you teach me to draw? Was that freehand? I wish I was born with artistic talent. (Saying things like this discredits all the effort we actually put in to developing our skills.) *TOUCHING THE ART* via Tumblr