Requests, gifts, trades and collabs

These are things people ask too often, not just to me, but to artists in general. Free art.

As a general rule, if you don't know the artist on a personal level, don't ask. It's rude. In fact, even if you know them, asking them for free art isn't very tasteful. If they're your friend and you have a birthday coming up, or it's some holiday where you exchange gifts, than it's a reasonable request.

"Hey, instead of buying some ugly sweater this year, can you draw me something?"
Perfectly acceptable interaction. (You might not want to mention the ugliness of the sweater they got you the previous year though.) Other than that, let them bring it up.

So no, I don't accept requests, and I don't offer gifts to strangers.

Trades are basically: "I'll draw you something, and in exchange you draw me a thing." I'm only willing to do art trades with friends, with the ever-so rare exceptions. When it comes to trades, each artist has their own preferences, and it's okay to ask them if they're willing to do a trade.

When it comes to collaborations, I'm willing to look into it, so just message me about it.

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