What I did this Summer

Hello, Internets!

So, I decided to try this thing where every month, I do a little summary of all the things I worked on. For August, I'm starting with a summary of the whole summer.

This summer is kind of a weird phase for me because I'm in a sort of testing phase. I'm trying things out. I've finally found a way of organising my things that sort of agrees with my brain, and I'm starting to be a little more consistent in my things. I'm still in a testing period, not just with my art and projects, but also in my personal mental health. some days I'm super productive and focused, but still eat and sleep... other days, I get sucked in one project and work on it till I'm physically unable to continue, and still other days, I'm just completely unable to work on anything at all for no apparent reason.

So anyway, This summer I mostly focused on my comic and on improving my productivity and stuff.

In May I did this piece for a contest by Jazza on youtube, maybe you know him, if not check him out, he's got awesome stuff. The contest theme was traditional vs digital art. This theme sparked this image of Da Vinci really enjoying modern technology. He was an inventor, so I think he'd really like digital painting. Of course, I had to shoehorn the Doctor in there, how else would Da Vinci get his hands on some modern tech? Plus I bet they're great friends eheh.

On the 18th of May 2017, Jacques Fresco died at 101 years old. The man was a big inspiration for my webcomic, and so I did this small water colour portrait, slightly stylized. His project (the Venus project, look it up) really inspired my world building in my webcomic. I even decided to add a "in memory of" page in my webcomic.

In June, I did the re-release of my webcomic, with the first page and I also made this little phone case for my friend.

In July, I Finished this piece in time for my mother's birthday. That's her as a proud Hufflepuff with her dolphin Patronus.

And for my own birthday, I did this cute little thing.

And that's about it. I haven't finished anything in August. I mostly worked on the script for my webcomic, the drawings etc. Here are a few little previews of the things I've been working on.



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